3 Step

Onboarding Tutorial

Learn How To Use Your App

Step #1 Hit Macro Targets

First, learn to use Fittur by watching this Macro Targets video.

Step #2 Set Goal

The next step for getting started is setting your fat cutting, maintenance or muscle building goal.  

First, update your current body fat level each Monday morning by watching either this female or male Body Fat video.

Next, update your current body weight each morning by watching this body weight video.

Now, watch this Calorie video to select your goal. 

Your calorie goal changes dramatically from day-to day. Manage those changes by watching this exercise video.

Step #3 Track Food

The final step is to learn to track food. First, watch this Food Tracker video.

Next, watch this Search video to search our data base for the foods and restaurant items you eat, then add them to your tracker.

Now watch this Scanner video to scan food package bar codes and add them to your tracker.

For foods you can’t find in search or scanner, watch this Create video to enter a food into your tracker. You can also add your favorite recipes and let Fittur calculate the macros in each serving.

Watch this Pantry video to save time tracking the foods you eat regularly. A copy of all the foods you add to tracker are saved in your Pantry. 

Watch this Meal Tracker video if you prefer organizing your food by breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, instead of viewing a single full-day list in Food Tracker. 

To switch between Meal Tracker and Food Tracker, watch this Change Tracker video. 

Watch this Date Dial video to add leftovers or frequently eaten food items from past days to TODAY. Or plan food for a future day.

Watch this Share video to share food with your friend’s phone.

Expanded Targets

Watch this Change Targets video to customize your carb, protein, and fat intake.

Watch this Exercise Calorie Max video to maximize the fat-cutting and health benefits from exercise.

Watch this Fiber video to change your fiber target.

* Note: Your fiber target may be the most important target of any of your five macro targets. 

Watch this Pregnancy or Breast Feeding videos to calculate the optimum macros for you and for your baby.

Fittur +

Use Fittur + for additional fat cutting, muscle building, and health tools. Watch this diabetes video to turn on the net carbs and % carbs displays.

Watch this Intermittent Fasting video to turn on the fasting timer.

Watch this Water video to turn on the water tracker. 


Watch this Trouble Shooting video to  resolve app function problems. If an issue persists after trying the solutions suggested in this video, contact our techs at support@fittur.com

Watch this Stats Video and use Fittur stats to monitor your progress.