Fiber Script

Fiber may be your most important target. Use it to reduce food addiction and cravings, promote the consumption  of essential vitamins, improve digestion, and achieve a leaner body composition.

Refined carbs immediately spike blood sugar and lead to powerful food addictions. Your brain craves the blood sugar spikes and you become dependent on eating more and more refined carbs

You may subconsciously prefer refined grains in foods like crackers, cereals, chips, white pasta, white bread and white rice due to an addiction rather than some textural or taste element 

Eat a white flour tortilla and your blood sugar spikes to unhealthy levels in minutes. Eat a whole wheat fiber-rich tortilla and blood sugars are slightly elevated and spread over many hours

Foods with added sugars like candy, soda, fruit juices and fruit snacks, cookies, ice cream, and deserts also spike your blood sugar

Drink a glass of orange juice and your blood sugar spikes in minutes. Eat the same amount of juice in an orange, and the glucose is absorbed slowly, over many hours.

Food stripped of its fiber loses essential vitamins and minerals.

Instead of pill bottles full of supplemental vitamins or enriched versions of fiber-less foods, hit your fiber target and get your nutrients from whole foods

Fiber improves movement of food through the digestive tract and prevents constipation. It also sustains healthy gut bacteria essential to proper immune system function, reduces brain fog, and prevents gut disorders like irritable bowl syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and diseases linked to gut health like psoriasis

Spikes in blood sugar may increase body fat, despite setting your calorie dial to fat cutting. The sudden increase delivers unneeded energy to cells that then store the energy as fat

Fiber is the key to eating healthy carbs. Get rid of food addictions. Reduce cravings. Prevent type II and pre-diabetes and insulin resistance. Improve digestion. And get all the essential vitamins and minerals from eating a whole-food diet. 

Hit your fiber target.