Pregnancy Script

You’re pregnant. Congratulations! But don’t reach for a second helping of chocolate cake and convince yourself you’re eating for two.

The eating-for-two mindset increases your risk of developing pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, depression, pre-term delivery, low blood sugar in your new-born as well as jaundice. 

Who knew that doubling the calories from your favorite foods could make nine hard months even harder?

Turn pregnancy on in the more section, and enter your due date. 

Fittur monitors your body fat level and determines how many calories to add to your day.

As your body fat changes, your calorie target changes.

Women with too-low or too-high body fat levels increase their risk of stillbirth. 

The optimum body fat percent for pregnancy is somewhere between 20 and 25%. Check with your doctor to set the ideal range for your pregnancy

If you’re above 25%, Fittur gives you enough calories for your baby, and a few less calories for yourself, gently bringing you closer to an optimum body fat range

If your health professional suggests a specific pregnancy calorie target, you can disable the Fittur algorithm by tapping the custom button and enter your own calorie intake

Consistently hit your macro targets for more energy and stamina during pregnancy. 

Adequate fiber reduces pregnancy-induced constipation and hemorrhoids and increases the likelihood of getting the essential nutrients you and your baby need. Learn more about fiber and nutrition by watching the fiber video

Hit your protein target to promote healthy development, full-term pregnancy, and a healthy birth weight

If you’re already exercising, keep going. If you’re new to exercise, there’s no better time to get started than right after you find out you’re pregnant. 

Biking, swimming, yoga, stretching, pilates, low-impact aerobics, dance, running, even weight lifting are good choices for you and your baby.

Make sure to keep your pregnancy doctor in the loop and have the Fittur nutrition targets and exercise regimen approved by your health professional. 

Your little one is fortunate to have a mom who cares about her health. 

Because when mom is healthy baby is too.