Diabetes Script

Blood sugar levels fluctuate with carbohydrate consumption, stress, sleep, travel, hydration, exercise, and illnesses like colds and flus.

Carbs in foods like breads, beans, grains, fruits and sweets, are the most important variable for managing all types of diabetes

Fiber is a special kind of carb.

Fiber-rich foods like whole grains, vegetables, and fruits release sugars into the blood stream over many hours. 

Low-fiber, processed foods like sweets, fruit juices, sodas, or white flour release sugars within minutes, quickly spiking your blood sugar

Hit your green fiber target and prevent spikes in blood sugar 

Learn more by watching the fiber video

If you’re not already tracking food by meal, fittur switches you to meal tracker when you turn on diabetes

Avoid carb-stacking by spacing your meals throughout the day to ensure you digest all the carbs from one meal, before eating the next

Prevent blood sugar spikes by assigning an equal amount of 25% of your daily carbs to three meals and one snack. Or customize the distribution according to your doctor’s recommendations

The Fittur diabetic blood drop located next to the meal name helps with all your carb decisions

One side of the blood drop displays the percent of daily carbs in your meal. By selecting Type II diabetes, this is your default view. No more guessing how many carbs to eat

Tap the blood drop to flip to the other side and it displays the net carbs for your entire meal. Fittur calculates your net carbs by subtracting the fiber-carbs that don’t dump sugar into your blood stream from the ones that do. 

By selecting Type I diabetes, this is your default view. No more guessing the amount of your insulin bolus

With a single tap you can check either side of the blood drop—-percent of daily carbs on one side, net carbs on the other

Reaching a healthy body fat percent should be your top priority for managing diabetes. 

Use exercise and, in the case of type two diabetes, intermittent fasting to achieve a lean body composition, use glucose more efficiently, decrease insulin resistance, and prevent complications like heart disease, high blood pressure, and vision loss. 

As you become leaner, blood sugar management becomes more consistent, your appearance improves, and your health skyrockets.

Find out more by watching the exercise, intermittent fasting, and body fat videos. 

Consult your diabetes doctor before beginning any diet, exercise or fasting regimen.

Eat the same foods as your non-diabetic friends while more effortlessly managing your diabetes.