Breast Feeding Script

Mother’s milk is the most nutrient rich food your baby can get. But what about mom’s diet? 

Fittur’s breast feeding algorithm adds calories to your macro targets to make sure both you and your baby are properly nourished

If your health professional suggests a specific breast feeding calorie target, you can disable the Fittur algorithm by tapping the custom button and enter your own calorie intake

Breast Feeding is an efficient time to cut body fat. Take advantage of this time to begin a fat-cutting cycle.

Without a balanced diet to support the production of milk, breast feeding may deprive the mother of vital nutrients. Nourish yourself by hitting your macro targets. 

Get plenty of fiber from whole grains, vegetables and fruits. 

Replace lost calcium with dairy like yogurt and cheese. 

Eat enough protein from meats like chicken, fish, lean beef and eggs. 

And stabilize hormone levels with dietary fat from nuts, seeds, avocados and oily fish like salmon. 

Healthy doses of sunshine promote the production of vitamin D and reduces the chance of suffering from postpartum depression

Breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants. Fittur provides the ideal nutrition for mom.