Stats Script

Keep your finger on the pulse of your body transformation with Fittur Stats. 

Tap Fittur to open your personal statistics and check how many times you reach the target zones.

The yellow stat ring tracks the number of times you end the day within 50 calories of zero. 

Consistently hitting your calorie target keeps fat loss on track and supports efficient muscle building. 

The orange stat ring tracks the number of times you get within ten grams of your carb target

Hit your carb target consistently to 

improve energy levels during exercise, decrease cravings and food addictions, and promote efficient fat loss

The blue protein ring tracks the number of times you end the day within ten grams of zero

Hit your protein target consistently to crush food cravings and hunger pangs, prevents muscle loss, and restore hair, skin, nails, and vital organs

The purple stat ring tracks the number times you get within 5 grams of your fat target. 

Hit your fat target consistently and 

turn on critical fat cutting and muscle building hormones

The green stat ring tracks the number of times you reach your fiber target zone

Hit your fiber target consistently and avoid food addictions, reduce cravings, prevent type II diabetes and pre-diabetes, and eat a whole food diet rich in vitamins and minerals

Learn more by watching the fiber and Macro Target videos

Hitting all five macro targets on the same day is a huge achievement. It’s an accomplishment big enough to earn the Fittur macro dot

Check the macro dots earned in the last few days

Or the total number earned since you began using Fittur

Eat your way to a leaner, healthier body composition by ending your day with all five macro targets inside the target zone 

Then celebrate your success with the Macro Dot