Pantry Script

Tap the food button to flip over to the add food side of your app and add food from pantry

Fittur builds your pantry for you

Every food you add from search, 


or create 

gets copied to your pantry.

After a few weeks, you have a pantry filled with the foods, recipes, and meals you track regularly. 

You never have to search or scan the same food twice, calculate the same recipe again, or assemble the same meal

Scroll to find a saved item

Or use the search bar

The foods you use the most are listed in your top twenty. They’re removed as you eat them less frequently

The foods you eat less often are listed below in More Foods

Right swipe a pantry food and its tracked

Swipe left to delete 

Plan ahead by moving your date dial forward, then right swipe foods from your pantry

For more about using the date dial, watch the date dial video

Your  recipes are saved in the recipes and meals view

Tap the recipe once to view the macros in a single serving

Add a serving to tacker by swiping right

Or edit your recipe with a second tap

 Once you begin editing, the changes are saved in real time 

For more about recipes watch the create video

Meals are saved below your recipes

To see how many foods are in a meal, tap once 

To add the meal to tracker, swipe right

A second tap lets you see the meal items in view-only mode  

Edit a meal by adding it to tracker, then update the serving sizes or delete food items

Build your pantry. Track from pantry. Save time with pantry.