Create Script

Tap the food button to flip over to the add food side of your app and quickly enter or calculate the macros in foods and recipes with Create

Instead of searching or scanning, use the nutrition label to enter 




and fiber. 

Name the food and include your preferred serving size

Then add your created food to tracker

 A copy is saved in your pantry

Use the macro recipe calculator to figure out the calories, carbs, protein, fat and fiber in each serving of your recipes

Begin by entering the name, serving size, and number of servings in your recipe

The recipe calculator turns the add food tools into add ingredient tools

Foods from search are added to your recipe ingredient list.

So are foods from scanner

And from Pantry

Instead of a macro target countdown at the top of your screen, you see the macros in a single serving of your recipe

Tap any ingredient to view the calories, carbs, protein, fat, and fiber

Tweak any ingredient to create the ideal recipe to fit your macro targets

Double tap any food to change the serving size or number of servings

The macros per serving in your recipe change as you increase the amount of protein

Replace a high fat ingredient with a low one

Or remove an ingredient entirely by swiping left

Exit the calculator without saving the recipe by tapping either the cancel button or the food tracker button

Use the plus food button to add a single serving of your recipe to tracker

A copy of your recipe is saved in Pantry

Tap to view the macros in a single serving of your saved recipes

Add a serving to tracker by swiping right

Or edit your recipe with a second tap

 Once you begin editing, the changes are saved in real time 

With Fittur’s unique features, you don’t just enter or calculate the macros in your favorite foods or recipes.

You create them.