Water Script

Are you getting enough water?

Good hydration is essential to good health.

Hit your water target to keep fat loss going. 

Avoid over eating by drinking a glass right before a meal

Water helps the body metabolize fat. It increases calorie burn, reduces hunger, improves digestion, alleviates inflammation, and improves joint function. 

Stay hydrated and avoid injuries.

Without proper hydration achilles tendon injuries and tears increase exponentially, particularly during exercise.

Fittur adjusts your water target daily as your body weight and exercise level change

Customize your own target in the water section of Fittur Plus

Turn your water target on and a tracking button appears on your home page

Tap a bottle and your water target counts down

Or remove a bottle and the water target counts up

Hitting your macro targets gets easier by swapping high calorie sodas, fruit juices, alcohol, and designer drinks with nature’s low-calorie hydrator—water. 

Then celebrate your choice with the Fittur water drop.