Macro Targets Script

Fittur is built around five macro targets. 

Calories. Carbohydrates. Protein. Fat. And Fiber

These targets are derived from your current body weight, body fat, daily exercise, and body composition goals. They update daily as your body becomes more lean and healthy

There are two sides of your app. The update targets side 

And the add food side

Tap the target button to flip over to the update target side of your app

and track exercise, update body weight, body fat, or change your calorie intake

Tap the food button to flip over to the add food side of your app and track food using pantry, scanner, search, or create 

The yellow calorie target counts down the calories in the foods you eat

Before you add exercise, your calorie target may appear lower than expected because its displaying your basal metabolic rate

Add exercise or other activities like gardening, housework or manual labor and your calorie target increases, pairing your calorie burn with Fittur’s dynamic macro targets

Learn more by watching the Calories and exercise videos

Count down your calorie target to within 50 calories of zero and flip into the target zone

 Your orange carb target counts down the carbs you eat in foods like breads, beans, grains, fruits and sweets. Eat too few and your body is deprived of the energy to fuel growth and exercise. Eat too many and you accumulate body fat  

Your blue protein target counts down the protein in foods like meats, beans, whey, cottage cheese, and greek yogurt. 

Protein reduces hunger. It’s nature’s craving crusher. The more you eat, the more satiated you feel. 

Protein is packed with the nutrients you need to build muscle, prevent muscle loss, and rejuvenate hair, skin, nails, and vital organ tissue

Count down to within 10 carbs and 10 protein grams of zero and flip into the target zone

Your purple fat target counts down the dietary fat in the foods you eat like cheese, salad dressings, butter, oils, dairy, oily fish like salmon, and some cuts of beef. Eat too much and you increase body fat. Eat too little and you shut down healthy hormone production, including the body’s natural fat-cutting and muscle-building mechanisms

Your green fiber target counts down the fiber in the foods you eat like grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Fiber-rich foods release sugars into your blood steam slowly, over many hours. 

Low-fiber processed foods like sweets, fruit juices, sodas, or white flour release sugars within minutes, quickly elevating your blood sugar level and may increase body fat

Instead of tracking hundreds of micronutrients or added sugars, simply hit your fiber target and enjoy a vitamin-rich whole food diet

Countdown to within 5 fat and 5 fiber grams of zero to flip into the target zone

Flip over any target to check how much you’ve eaten

Flipping over a target also sorts foods from highest to lowest

Flip the target back with a tap and restore the chronologic order

Your targets lose their underline, and the numbers turn white when you eat beyond the target zone. Fiber stays green and underlined no matter how far past zero you eat

When you hit all five macro targets on the same day, Fittur awards you a macro dot

Tap Fittur to open up the statistics window and view the total number of days you received a macro dot

The number of times you hit each individual calorie target, carb target, protein, fat, and fiber targets during the past month are also displayed,

Along with your macro dot thirty day total. 

Eat your way to a leaner, healthier body composition by ending your day with all five macro targets inside the target zone 

And celebrate your success with the Fittur Macro Dot