Intermittent Fasting Script

Having trouble cutting fat or building muscle? Do you suffer from inflammatory diseases like arthritis or bowel issues? Want to slow signs of aging, or extend your lifespan?

Intermittent fasting is proving to have life changing effects on health and body composition

Studies indicate that going without calories from carbs, protein, or fat for a period of 14 to 18 hours while drinking plenty of water, promotes heart health, reduces cancer risk, assists in repair of skin, bone, hair, nails and organ tissue, and helps in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Fasting increases the production of three hormones critical for burning belly fat. It also encourages your body to tone or build muscle

Take advantage of peak belly-fat-burning by timing your exercise about two hours before you begin eating. Once you end your fast, hormone levels dramatically decline

Turn on Intermittent Fasting in the Fittur Plus section

Initial health benefits begin with a fasting window of about 14 hours. Maximum benefits can usually be achieved at 18 hours. Fittur recommends a 16-hour fasting window. 

Finish eating at 8 pm for example, and the 16-hour fasting window ends at noon the following day. Eat all your food in the 8 hour eating window between noon and 8pm, then begin fasting again.

A start fasting button appears in tracker. 

When you’re done eating for the day, tap the start fasting button

To end a fast early, tap the fasting timer and select end my fast

Initially you may feel food-deprived, experience hunger pangs or minimal light-headedness from lower blood sugar levels. Those symptoms dissipate once your body becomes accustomed to fasting

Eat the same amount of food to hit your macro targets, but do it during the eating window. Getting all your calories in a short 8-hour eating window allows for larger meals and may also give you a sense of being less food-deprived during a fat-cutting cycle

You decide how often. Fast every day over a period of weeks or months. Fast on weekdays and take the weekends off. Or only fast during a fat-cutting cycle. Let your success determine the frequency and length of your fast

 Use intermittent fasting as another tool to achieve a lean body composition and transform your health.