Body Weight Script

Tap the target button to flip over to the update target side of your app and enter your body weight 

As a reminder, Fittur starts each day on the body weight dial. For consistency, weigh-in the same time each day before you eat or exercise

Your body weight rises and falls in unpredictable swings. To identify your trend, the weight charts smooth-out the peaks and valleys

After four weeks of daily weigh-ins, an accurate trend line begins to take shape

Your 7-day chart may look erratic like this. Fluctuations are caused by eating water-retaining salty foods, a diet low in fiber, lack of exercise, kidney or liver problems, or inflammation

Tap any white dot on the 7-day chart to see that day’s body weight

The 30-day chart filters out daily ups and downs. Tap any white dot on the 30 day chart to check your weekly average

If no down-trend emerges after four weeks in a fat-cutting cycle, consider one or more of these strategies—

Try a more aggressive calorie restriction by setting your calorie dial lower

Add more exercise or increase intensity to boost metabolism

Track water and benefit from the fat-cutting capacity of good hydration

Try Intermittent fasting to get rid of stubborn belly fat

Hit your fiber target and reduce the fat-accumulating effects of blood sugar spikes

Learn more by watching the exercise, water, fiber and intermittent fasting videos

If no up-trend emerges on your 30-day chart during a muscle-building cycle, try a more aggressive calorie overload. 

Set your calorie dial 5% higher once every three weeks until you see a slight increase in body fat %

The 90-day chart tracks enough weekly averages to capture the trend in a three month fat cutting or muscle building cycle

 Rather than worry about the sometimes dramatic fluctuations or plateaus in your body weight stay focused on the slower, more critical changes in your body fat percentage, appearance, waist circumference and the fit of your clothing

Be patient with yourself. Initial changes in body composition take place slowly over weeks and months. Substantial changes in appearance and metabolism happen over months and years

By consistently hitting your macro targets and getting some exercise, you can be certain that healthy changes are taking place even when your bathroom scale doesn’t always register those changes.