Meal Tracker Script

Plan your meals. Hit your macro targets. Achieve your goals. Its that simple

Meal tracker organizes your foods into meals

If you don’t like organizing food by meals, use Change Tracker in the Fittur plus section

When your macro targets reach zero, you’re done eating. 

Tap a meal to see the meal macros

Transfer all the foods between meals using the move button 

Open a meal with a second tap and you’re ready to add food

Learn more by watching the scanner, search, create and pantry videos

Make important decisions to reach your macro targets.

Delete foods by swiping left.

Tap a food once to check the brand name, serving size, and calories, carbs, protein, fat and fiber

Edit the serving size by tapping the food a second time.

While you’re editing, you may decide to reduce the fat you eat by switching three teaspoons of peanut butter for one

Cut carbs by exchanging an extra large banana for a small one 

Or increase your protein intake by doubling the cottage cheese

Tap the meal name to call up the snap shot and view the total meal macros

If you’re not achieving your goals, make sure to level off measuring cups instead of heaping them to overflowing 

Limit the number of un-tracked taste-tests

Or consider an inexpensive food scale for more precision or to measure food in units like grams or ounces

Having trouble identifying the foods that put you over your targets?

Tap any target to rearrange your foods from highest to lowest calorie dense, carb dense, protein, fat or fiber dense

Flipping your target also shows you how much you’ve eaten so far today 

Transfer a single food item to another meal using the move-food-button

Use the back button to close a meal and return to the meal list

Transfer all the food items from one meal to another using the move-meal-button

With meal tracker you can share a food, or an entire meal with friends

Count down the hours in your intermittent fasting

Track your water intake 

Or right swipe an entire meal from a previous day onto today’s meal

Learn more by watching the share, intermittent fasting, date dial and water videos

The more you track, the better you are at selecting the right foods and the perfect portions to hit your macro targets. 

There’s no need for special diet plans. Factory prepared diet foods. Or paid nutritionists. You are the food expert.