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How Much Does Fittur Cost?

How Do I Manage My Subscription?

How Does Fittur Work?

How Are My Macro Targets Calculated?

How Do I Synch Fittur To My Apple Watch or Other Wearable Device?

The Apple Watch accurately measures heart rate (see this Stanford Medical School  study), however, the macro targets in Fittur are based on energy expenditure, not heart rate, and in multiple research studies, including this one from also from the Stanford Medical School, the Apple Watch, like all other wearables, is about 43% inaccurate when calculating energy expenditure—the most vital measure for calculating nutrition calories from exercise.

Don’t feel bad. Other wearables in the study performed as poorly as 96% inaccurate for measuring calorie burn. As soon as Apple and the other fitness watches resolve these accuracy issues, we’ll update your app to synch with your Apple Watch and other wearable devices. Watch the exercise coaching video in your app or on this website for more information.

How Do I Choose Between The Different Fittur Apps?

Fittur supports four subscription apps. The Food & Macro Tracker, the Pregnancy App, The Diabetes App, and the Muscle Building App. All four apps contain similar tools, however there are two main differences.

First, the tools specific to the focus of the app are turned on at the time of sign up. For example, the Pregnancy and Breast Feeding calculations and tools are turned on at sign-up. Those tools can be turned off after pregnancy in the more section and the app will function the same way as the Food & Macro Tracker App, allowing the user to keep using Fittur long after the pregnancy ends. For details about turning tools on and off watch the Pregnancy video, the breast feeding video, or the diabetes video.

Secondly, the free coaching, tech support, and the informational emails is directed toward topics germane to your subscription. The Food & Macro Tracker app coaching and emails, for example, is focused on nutrition and fitness while coaching for the Muscle Building App is focused on body building, muscle development, and calorie overload cycles and is supported by our exercise physiology team.

Free coaching support is available by contacting Fittur via our messaging service (see blue box below) or by emailing us directly at It may take up to 24 hours to respond, however most response times are much shorter.

How Can I Give Feedback?

The Fittur App Design Team and the Fittur Programming Team welcomes suggestions for future app design and function. If there is any function you would like to see incorporated into Fittur, changes to design, or any creative suggestion you would like us consider, please contact Fittur using the messaging service on our website (see blue messagings box below) or email us at Thanks for your suggestions. We value your feedback.

I Can't Find The Body Fat Side-View Images

Due to storage space concerns we removed the side images from all our apps. In the next app update the body fat side-view images will be restored with the option to NOT complete the download to your phone if you choose not to dedicate storage space for that feature.

I Switched From The Free App to The Paid App And Its Not Working.

I keep getting a "Subscription Not Found" or "Subscription Expired" Notification"

Every day when you open your app for the first time, Fittur verifies your subscription with the App Store. If your WIFI is weak at that moment, if the WIFI signal is fluctuating, or if your cellular service is turned off, down, or weak, you’ll have trouble connecting to the App Store servers that perform that function and the result is the triggering of the "Subscription Not Found" or "Subscription Expired" notification. 

Fittur recently purchased the largest food data base in the world and our tech team is busy re-programming to allow you to use Fittur off-line without the need for WIFI or Cell service to access food and personal tracking information. When that upgrade is rolled out to your phone, your app will only verify your subscription once each month rather than daily which should dramatically reduce the possibility of getting either of these notifications. 

If you do receive either of these notifications, make sure you have a good WIFI connection when you open your app at the start of the day. You may also want to turn off WIFI and use your cellular signal when you open the app for the first time each day. 

Until the next update scheduled for late January 2021 rolls out to your phone, the best work-around is to close the app entirely, including in the background, and then re-open and you should be able to use the app without any problems. Among programmers and coders, its an open secret that App Store verification is hard to connect to and these notifications occur at a much higher rate than any of us would like.  

We’re sorry you’re having trouble and we’re working hard to correct that bothersome issue in our next app update.

How Do I Get Free Coaching & Tech Support?

You can get free coaching from our nutrition team, our physiology team or our tech team by contacting us through the messaging service (see blue box below), or by email at Our professional staff is ready to assist you with your nutrition and fitness goals.

My In-App Carb & Fat Targets Are A Lot Lower Than The Ones In Sign-Up

My Free Macro Calculator, Body Fat, and BMI Apps Are Stuck On A 360 Degree Scrollable Ad

The last screen on any of the free Fittur apps is a 360 degree scrollable ad for our premium apps. You can go back and view your macro targets, body fat percent, BMI or change any of the information as your body weight or body fat changes over time by simply using the back arrow to retrace your steps in the app all the way to the starting screen. The arrows will navigate your forward or back through the free apps.

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