Date Dial Script

Transfer left overs from yesterday’s dinner to today’s lunch. Plan tomorrow’s meal. Copy last week’s weight lifting workout to today’s exercise tracker. Moving food and exercise through time was never this easy.

Are you eating leftover minestrone soup from yesterday?

Foods and meals from previous days are copied to today’s food tracker.

Instead of hunting through pantry, use the date dial to go back a day or two, swipe the left overs forward to today and you’re done

You can also swipe a food or meal from today and copy it to tomorrow

Foods or meals from any future day are copied one day forward

Planning ahead is easy. Dial forward to a future day, then add foods from pantry,



or create

You can even calculate the macros in your favorite recipes and then add them to a future day. Learn more by watching the pantry, scanner, search and create videos

Copy the same exercise routine from two days ago onto today with a right swipe

Or dial forward to tomorrow and set an exercise goal, then see how it affects your macro targets 

Any foods or meals you share from a previous day are copied to today on your friends food tracker

Foods you share from tomorrow are copied to tomorrow

With the date dial you can eat from the past or plan for tomorrow. Time travel never tasted so good.