Body Fat Script (female)

Body composition is the portion of your body that is fat compared to the portion that is not fat. 

Body fat percent is the most accurate and personalized way to calculate macro targets. Other nutrition apps that use BMI risk miscalculations that may impede fat loss 

Everyday, Fittur matches the calories, carbs, protein, fat, and fiber you eat with your changing body composition

The leaner you are, the more you eat.

Tap the target button to flip over to the update target side of your app and enter your body fat

As a reminder, Fittur starts your Monday mornings in Body Fat. Perform an image comparison before eating or exercise

 Focus your image comparison primarily on the abdominal and hip region, and secondarily on the chest and upper thigh

If you notice a change in appearance, adjust the slider to update your percent body fat

Find an age that best reflects your appearance by navigating between young, middle-aged and senior images

Compare yourself to the pear body shape images if you accumulate most of your body fat in the hips and upper thighs and not so much in the shoulder and chest

The apple body shape is for women who gain the largest amount of body fat in the chest and shoulders, and very little in the hip and upper thigh

Compare yourself to the hour glass body shape if you gain equal amounts of body fat in the chest and hips, and noticeably less in the abdomen

The majority of women fall into the rectangle body shape group with equal-width hips and shoulders, and fat gains that are distributed evenly across the upper and lower body. 

If you’re a combination of more than one body shape, choose the one that most closely approximates your appearance

Hand-held devices, barefoot instruments, and bathroom scales can be 5-15% inaccurate due to water retention and other variables

Similar inaccuracies plague skin caliper and measuring tape tests

Dexa x-ray scans and hydrostatic submersion in a water tank are accurate to within 1-2%, but they’re expensive, inconvenient, and sometimes hard to find

Fittur’s scientifically-based body fat image comparison delivers accuracy to within 2%. After a few weeks, you’ll develop the visual skills to make an accurate assessment

You’re no longer in any of the high risk health categories associated with obesity once you reach 30% body fat

Around 25% you’ll look good and feel great while enjoying the initial health benefits and enhanced appearance of a leaner body composition

At 20% body fat you enjoy maximum health benefits. Reaching this level  requires consistently hitting your macro targets. You may also need to include weight training in your exercise regimen 

Getting to 15% body fat is aggressive fat-cutting for women. It requires combining your macro targets with consistent weight training and cardio over many months and years. You shouldn’t drop below 15% body fat for long periods of time 

10% body fat is achievable for women, but considered ultra lean, requiring aggressive weight training and focused cardio. You shouldn’t drop below 10% body fat at any time

A half percent drop in body fat per week is doable—especially if you’re at an elevated body fat level. As you become leaner, weekly fat loss may drop to a quarter percent. Be patient with yourself. What appears as a plateau, may actually be critical changes in fat-cutting hormones or other physiologic adjustments as your body prepares to cut additional fat  

For strategies to overcome stalled fat loss, watch the calories and weight videos

  Once you drop below 25% body fat, make that your ceiling. This level is a critical turning point in your body transformation and health. Throughout the rest of your life, make 25% your maximum body fat percent

Fittur recommends selecting a lifetime body fat range of about 5%. Choose your lowest body fat goal, then cycle up about 5% from there

As you approach the top of your range, begin another fat cutting cycle

When you reach the bottom of your range, return to maintenance gradually, slowly increasing calories in 2% increments each day over 10 to 15 days.  

This slow increase, known as reverse dieting, will keep you burning fat for 3-10 additional weeks, despite an increase in calories.

Cycling to the top of your range recharges your metabolism and provides increased energy for toning lean muscle. Learn more by watching the calories and exercise videos

A lean body composition increases energy and improves digestion and gut health. 

Sleep patterns become more consistent. The fit of your clothing, waist circumference, mobility, and wear and tear on joints improves. You’ll manage stress better, prevent disease and injury, and boost your immune system.

 Body fat percent is your most accurate guide to achieving your goals