Calories Script

Calories measure energy. 

Diets that get results either increase or decrease calories to achieve success. Most everything else is dietary hocus pocus

Eat fewer calories than you burn and your body cuts fat. Eat more calories than you burn and your body accumulates fat.

Tap the target button to flip over to the update target side of your app to adjust your calorie intake

Set the calorie dial at 100% maintenance to eat the number of calories you burn

Before you add exercise, your calorie target may appear lower than expected because its displaying your basal metabolic rate

Add exercise or other activities like gardening, housework or manual labor and your calorie target increases, pairing your calorie burn with Fittur’s dynamic macro targets

If you experience mild fat gains eating at maintenance, try fat-cutting for a few days each week or a full week each month and then return to maintenance

Set your calorie dial to the fat-cutting sweet spot and eat 70 to 80% of the calories you burn. 

This range maintains a strong metabolism without burning fat too slowly or too quickly.

Eating below 70% may undermine your metabolism

If fat-cutting stalls for longer than three weeks try one or a combination of the following strategies—

Try a more aggressive calorie restriction by setting your calorie dial lower

Add more exercise or increase intensity to boost metabolism

Track water and benefit from the fat-cutting capacity of good hydration

Try Intermittent fasting to get rid of stubborn belly fat

Hit your fiber target and reduce the fat-accumulating effects of blood sugar spikes

Learn more by watching the exercise, water, fiber and intermittent fasting videos

Cycling up and down in a personal body fat range of about 5% is a pattern for life-long health and for maintaining a lean body composition

To determine a personal body fat range that works best for you, watch the body fat video

As you approach the top of your personal body fat range, begin a fat cutting cycle

When you reach the bottom of your range, return to maintenance gradually, slowly increasing calories in 2% increments each day over 10 to 15 days.  

This slow increase, known as reverse dieting, will keep you burning fat for 3-10 additional weeks, despite an increase in calories

Cycling to the top of your range recharges your metabolism and provides the calories necessary to fuel muscle growth

Set your calorie dial to the muscle building sweet spot between 105 to 115% 

This range provides the extra energy you need to build muscle without accumulating too much fat

Small fat gains are an indication you’re getting enough energy to build muscle. 

If you don’t detect any fat gains after about three weeks, increase the calorie dial by 5% once every few weeks until you experience gradual increases in body fat. 

Body fat gains should be slow enough to allow you to build muscle for an extended period of time without going over your personal body fat maximum 

With the calorie dial, there’s no need for special diet plans or paid nutritionists. Burn fat and build muscle as your body changes throughout life.