Exercise Script

The more you exercise, the more calories you burn, and the more your macro targets change 

Tap the target button to flip over to the update target side of your app and track your daily exercise

Before you add exercise, your calorie target may appear lower than expected because its displaying your basal metabolic rate

Add exercise or other activities like gardening, housework or manual labor and your calorie target increases, pairing your calorie burn with Fittur’s dynamic macro targets

Chose from any of over 100 exercises and activities

Enter the duration 

and estimate the intensity of your workout by monitoring your respiration

High intensity exercise is heavy breathing when you’re unable to carry on a conversation 

Medium intensity is noticeably elevated breathing, but not conversation-ending. 

Slightly elevated breathing is low intensity

The exercises you track the most appear in your top three

Weight training is the most effective exercise to jump start fat loss

 If you’re fat loss stalls, consider adding weight training to your exercise regimen

If you’re new to weight training, begin with a high repetition workout using low weights then slowly work up to three one hour sessions each week

If you’re already familiar with weight training, or if you’re an expert, Fittur enhances your resistance training by pairing the right macros with each workout

High Intensity interval training HIIT can jump start a fat-cutting cycle that has either stalled or refuses to get started

 Try, for example, a work out of 30-second sprints, each one followed by a 90 second jogged recovery. 

You can be more aggressive with one minute of sprinting followed by one minute of jogging. 

Or less aggressive by replacing the sprint with a jog, and the jog with a walk 

Most cardio exercises can be done as high intensity HIIT. Simply choose the length, intensity and number of intervals based on your fitness level. 

The increased energy demands of HIIT adds 8-10% more calories to your exercise

The snap shot shows you what your exercise is worth. The more you exercise, the more calories, carbs, fat, and fiber are added to your macro targets

Your protein target doesn’t change with exercise. Instead, it adjusts with body fat

The yellow snap shot window is for calories. Orange is for carbs. Blue is for protein. The purple window is for fat. Green is for fiber  

Add exercise to your macro targets with the confirm button

Or use the cancel button

to return to the exercise list

Tap an already-added exercise to view the details 

Or edit the exercise with a second tap

Fittur restricts the calories added from exercise when your calorie dial is below maintenance

For example, set your calorie dial to 75% and a 100-calorie exercise is awarded 75 calories

Fittur overloads the calories added from exercise when your calorie dial is above maintenance

For example, set your calorie dial at 110% and a 100-calorie exercise is awarded 110 calories

The exercise calorie max is the point where you maximize health benefits from exercise.

It’s also the point where more exercise no longer contributes to any significant fat loss. Once you reach your max, you can keep exercising, but Fittur stops adding calories to your targets   

 Fittur automatically turns on your exercise calorie max when you’re eating at maintenance or below. 

Your max is turned off when you’re eating above maintenance

Before making the decision to manually turn on or off, learn more by watching the exercise calorie max video

Reach your exercise max and get the most from improved health and from fat cutting

Exercise is critical to good health, but for fat loss and for muscle building, nutrition is essential. 

Fittur matches the food you eat with the energy you burn to achieve a healthy, lean body composition