Change Tracker Script

Planners track by meal. Grazers track as they go, food by food.

If you start thinking about food when you get hungry, you may be a grazer and prefer tracking by food as you forage throughout the day.

Tap food tracker and your home page becomes a single chronological list of your foods

If you organize food ahead of time, you may be a planner who prefers tracking by meal

Tap meal tracker and your home page is divided into three meals and one snack.

If you need assistance spreading your calorie, carb, protein, fat and fiber consumption throughout the day, the meal targets button may help. 

Divide your macro targets by assigning a percent to each meal

When you’re in a meal, your macro targets count down the percent assigned to that meal

When you exit a meal your targets count down the macros for the entire day

You can turn off the meal targets feature by tapping the disable button.

No matter if you’re a planner or a grazer, Fittur can help you achieve your health and body composition goals.