Trouble Shoot Script

Updating your macro targets and accessing accurate nutrition information requires hundreds of instantaneous calls to Fittur’s data base.

With a strong, uninterrupted WIFI or cellular signal, your app updates seamlessly and you move quickly from screen to screen.

Disruptions in WIFI internet service are caused by a faulty router, high-demand use in your local area or a poor data feed from your internet service provider 

You’re likely experiencing a service disruption if Fittur behaves in one or more of the following ways—

Your screen freezes 

Multiple screens appear at the same time

The scanner doesn’t scan

The snap shot doesn’t animate

Or the wrong food is displayed  

If you experience difficulty editing an exercise

A serving size

If a button in your app malfunctions

Or if your app shuts down 

WIFI disruptions are most obvious when either your macro targets don’t update in real time…

or when the wrong nutrition information appears

After a short service disruption of a few seconds, you can restore app function by—

First, adjusting the date dial

Next, try tapping one of the navigation buttons 

Or shut down Fittur and then re-open your app

If the service disruption persists longer than a few seconds, turn off your WIFI and use cellar data until service is restored

If your cellular data signal is weak, move to another location or wait to track your food until service improves

Fittur is based on five highly animated macro targets. Your app gives you instantaneous feedback about how your food choices affect your body composition 

Make sure you have a strong and consistent WIFI or cell signal to benefit from the Fittur real-time advantage.