Search Script

Tap the food button to flip over to the add food side of your app and add food from search

Fittur’s search data base has millions of food entries. 

You’re free to search for the foods sold in your local grocery store or the menu items at your favorite restaurant chain

Focus your search by entering the brand name first followed by the food name, like Rosarita Refried Beans 

or Chipotle Mexican Grill Chicken Bowl

Brand name foods only provide one serving size to choose from. 

Use generic foods to maximize the number of serving size options

You can view the serving size of a food with a single tap, then right swipe to add the food to tracker

Or edit the serving size and the number of servings with a second tap

If you’re only eating part of a serving, enter a decimal like 0.25 for a quarter-serving

 or 0.33 for a third of a serving 

Then add your food to Tracker

A copy of the food you add is saved in your pantry

To assist in making decisions about what to eat, your macro targets countdown before you add the food to tracker.

If you decide not to track the food, tap the cancel button and restore your macro targets  

Use the yellow snap shot window to make decisions about how many calories to eat. The orange window is for carbs. Protein is in blue. Fat’s in purple. The green window is for fiber

Packages sometimes display ultra small servings sizes, especially in foods like sweeteners, oils, chips, cookies, crackers, and salad dressings. You may be surprised when search reveals the macro totals for your normal serving size

Nutrition labels sometimes subtract up to 4 calories for each fiber gram in your food. Fittur doesn’t do that, resulting in a slight difference in the calorie total you see on the package

Don’t limit your eating options by relying on paid nutritionists or pre-packaged diet foods. 

Search keeps your options open. You can explore every food on the planet and eat whatever fits your macro targets.