Exercise Calorie Max Script

The exercise calorie max is the point where you maximize health benefits from exercise.

Benefits like lower blood pressure, lower risk of cancers, diabetes, heart disease and depression. Increased energy levels, better lung function, enhanced sleep patterns and improved digestion. 

Reach your exercise max at least three times a week to take full advantage of the health benefits

The exercise calorie max is also the point where more exercise no longer contributes to any significant fat loss. Once you reach your max, you can keep exercising, but Fittur stops adding calories to your targets   


Fittur automatically turns on your exercise calorie max when you’re eating at maintenance 

or when you’re cutting fat. 

Its turned off when you’re in a muscle-building cycle.

Athletes, body builders, or fitness enthusiasts may want to manually turn the exercise max off. Recovery from Intense training sessions, multiple bouts of daily exercise, or extended hours of high calorie-burning activities require energy beyond the max.

You can’t exercise your way to fat loss. You eat your way there. 

Reach your exercise calorie max and get all the health benefits while accelerating your nutrition-based fat loss.