Macro Calculator Powered By Fittur

Welcome to the Macro Calculator powered by Fittur. With the most powerful tool from the full Fittur app, you can begin tracking your calories, carbs, protein, fat and fiber free of charge. 

Hit your targets. We say that a lot here at Fittur, because it works. Its science. It’s also the only way to cut body fat, maintain a lean body composition, build muscle, and live healthy. Everything else is dietary hocus pocus. Watch this video to see how well your targets work:

Hit your macro targets and no matter if you’re a young adult, middle aged, a senior, an athlete in training, obese, diabetic, pregnant, have trouble cutting fat, struggle with appetite, or stress, suffer from low hormone levels, or if you’ve followed more yo-yo diets than there are seeds in a water melon. Hit your macro targets and you can achieve your goals.

Consistently hit your macro targets and your metabolism finds its perfect balance. And once you balance your nutrition, your body composition begins to change. Your energy levels improve. Digestion issues resolve themselves. Your body heals. Have a look at some of the benefits in this video:

So what are those five colorful rings at the top of your Macro Calculator? The short answer is “they’re just that important.”

In the full Fittur app the yellow calorie ring countdowns  the energy in the food you track. Your Macro Calculator targets don’t count down in real time, but it does give you the total calories, carbs, protein, fat, and fiber you should eat each day to cut body fat, maintain, or build muscle.

Eat about 70% to 80% of the calories you burn each day and you’re in what our  Fittur physiologists have named the “fat-cutting sweet spot”. Not too severe a calorie restriction that your body resists cutting fat. And not to mild of a restriction that you don’t see consistent fat loss.

Eat 100% of what you burn every day and you maintain your body composition.

Eat 105% to 115% of what you burn each day for the extra energy you need to tone or build muscle.

Our Fittur techs created this calorie video to show you how easy it is to customize your macro targets. Just dial in your goal and Fittur calculates your fat-cutting, maintenance, and muscle building macros. 

There isn’t another nutrition tool that we know of anywhere on planet earth like the Fittur Calorie Dial. Everyone is going to want one of these. And it’s all yours. For free in your Macro Calculator.

Once your macro targets count down to zero, you’re done eating for the day. But you don’t have to land on zero to “hit your targets”. That’s like landing a 747 twin engine jumbo jet on the head of a pin. Just get inside the target zone (50 calories either side of zero, 10 grams either side of zero for carbs and protein, five grams for fat and fiber).

And if your looking for a fast and simple way to countdown your targets everyday, consider downloading the full Fittur Premium Nutrition app. At 14 cents a day, its worth every penny. Welcome to the Fittur family of nutrition apps. Nothing this powerful has ever been so simple. Just have a look at this: