Meet Trish

University Public Relations

"I'm not fooled by diets anymore. I've got Fittur."

I’ve logged thousands of running miles with the magical thinking that it would get rid of body fat. Or at least slow the accumulation. It didn’t work. I tried road biking and some mountain biking. No fat loss there either. I took up swimming. Therapeutic warm water? Yes. Fat loss? No. I even tried the one sure-fire way to cut fat. Weight lifting. 

I’ve been told that fat loss is done in the kitchen, not the gym. The rumor’s true. Not even weight lifting could get the fat to magically disappear.

Thanks to Fittur, my body composition transformation is finally becoming less fairy tale and more reality. It’s the one two punch I was missing all this time. Exercise may be a good left hook for getting rid of body fat, but nutrition is the knock out punch.

Fittur is exercise smart. It doesn’t let me eat 20% to 30% of the calories I burn in exercise. That way I keep burning body fat. Fittur calls that my calorie deficit. When I’m not cutting fat, the app gives me all my exercise calories. And if I need more energy to build muscle, the app adds 5% to 15% more calories above what I exercise. It’s Fittur’s calorie overload. Ingenious. And scientific too.

Every morning before I enter my exercise, Fittur shows me how much I should eat. I call it food. Fittur calls it my basal metabolic rate. When I enter my work out, Fittur ups the calories, carbs, fat and fiber to fuel my exercise.

Fittur keeps my protein target constant, no matter how much I exercise. That was another eye opener. My protein target changes with changes in my body composition. When I accumulate some body fat, Fittur lowers my protein target. When I get leaner, Fittur ups my protein.

Fittur shows me my macros, but lets me decide which foods I eat to hit my targets. If I’m low on protein, I know I need to add some protein-rich food like chicken, beef, fish, beans, or maybe some greek yogurt to my next meal. The cool thing is I decide. 

One quick tap on my  Fittur app and I know if I have room for the carbs in a piece of pie, the fat in a slice of cheesy pizza or if a lower carb, lower fat bowl of soup is a better choice. 

Once I spend all my calories, carbs, protein, fat and fiber, I’m done eating for the day. The Fittur people call it hitting macro targets. I call it my “bank account” mentality. It works like a charm. I don’t over eat. I don’t starve myself.

I thought I could keep track of what I eat in my head, but Fittur destroyed that magical thinking too. Without Fittur it’s impossible to keep from eating too much or eating an unbalanced combination of macros. There’s just too many food choices out there and way too many numbers to remember. 

With Fittur, I can track a food in seconds or my whole day in a couple of minutes. It’s that un-intrusive.

I’m not fooled by magical thinking diets anymore. I’ve got Fittur.