Meet Val

School Teacher

"I can't wait to see where I am in a month. 6 months. Or a year or two from now."

I’ve struggled with body weight issues most of my life. At one point I even sought help from metabolic doctors and holistic health practitioners. I tried all sorts of diets. Clean Whole Foods. Weight Watchers. Gluten free. Paleo. The HCG diet. I stayed way too long on the Keto diet. I stopped losing weight after about a year. I was always low on energy, but I kept at it for nearly two years. 

Exercise wasn’t the issue. I’ve always been active in fitness activities like cross fit, running and yoga, but any weight loss was short-lived. 

It got so bad I was starving myself and I still couldn’t lose any weight. I even stopped experiencing hunger pangs.

 When a friend told me about Fittur, I was skeptical. Remember, nothing works for me. I expected another diet app, but out of curiosity, and a pretty good recommendation, I gave Fittur a chance. The moment I downloaded the app, everything changed.

Fittur is not an app. It’s not a diet. And it’s not a fad. I don’t know of any diet, health or lifestyle app like Fittur. I’ve tried lots of them. Fittur is sustainable. It’s practical. Balanced. And entirely customized to my body. It adjusts from day-to-day as my needs change. Now I get the nourishment I need. I feel better. My appetite has returned and I respond to healthy hunger signals. 

Fittur Coach helped me figure out what I can eat to hit my targets. I never worry about not eating enough anymore. Fittur makes sure I never fall into the diet trap of starving myself. After only a few days I started feeling more energy, and I was losing weight while eating carbs!

I’ve gotten enough feedback from the people at Fittur to know they developed this app for the right reasons. They care about me. They want me to be healthy. They want me to be happy. I’ll take that any day. They’re incredibly knowledgeable. Their expertise, experience and passion has created something life changing. 

I’m still on my Fittur journey. My progress is consistent. I’ve learned that body composition transformation takes time. I can’t wait to see where I am in a month. 6 months. Or a year or two from now.