Meet Sonny

Body Builder

"Fittur saved my life."

I would have died from poor nutrition without Fittur.

I’m a body builder. I love the sport. I’ve been competing since high school. That’s nearly thirty years of lifting and dieting. It’s a challenge to develop muscle while keeping body fat gains low. It’s even more of a challenge to cut down to ultra-low body fat levels for competition. I pay close attention to what I eat. 

I felt like I was a healthy athlete, so it was a mystery when I started getting sick. The flus and colds were the first sign. I got sick more frequently during the winter months, and then the flus hit all year long. When I got to the point I was sick all the time, I knew something was up.  

I developed intestinal issues. Lots of stomach pain. Bloating. Gas. It got so bad, and without any diagnosis to point to a cure, my whole life turned upside down. When the low energy levels hit, the symptoms turned chronic. Doctors advised me I was at risk for a lot of life threatening diseases.

That’s when I found Fittur. The app uncovered the source of my troubles. Protein. I knew my body needed amino acids to build muscle tissue. I just didn’t know how much. I figured if a lot was good, then a ton of protein must be even better. And an infinite amount was best. Was I wrong. 

Fittur showed me I was eating too much protein for good health. The app calculates the ideal amount based on my body fat percent and my body weight. My protein intake gets adjusted lower as I gain fat, or adjusted higher as I become leaner. And it balances my protein intake with the carbs, fat and fiber to fuel my workouts, produce healthy hormones, and keep me eating a whole food diet.

Once Fittur balanced my diet, everything changed. No more flu symptoms. No more intestinal problems. I felt healthy for the first time in years. My energy levels skyrocketed and I was back in the gym chasing my body building passion like a kid again. Fittur didn’t just change my life.

Fittur saved my life.