Meet Varinia

Young Mother of Five

"Fittur has made our whole family healthy."

I enjoy good food. I love the textures. The tastes. And the joy of creating something delicious for me and my family. With five young children to feed, it’s easy to lose track of what I eat, and just go with whatever I serve the kids.

When I found Fittur, I finally had a tool that made tracking fast and easy enough I could pay attention to my nutrition without sacrificing the needs of my family.

Fittur helped me gain a sense of control and the results are nothing short of amazing. The app showed me the power of eating the right portion size. I can still eat the foods I enjoy, but in the amounts that allow me to cut fat and tone muscle. I don’t over indulge anymore. I feel satisfied. I’m consistently and rapidly losing weight. So far I’ve dropped about 13% body fat.

Because Fittur works, I’m motivated to use it everyday. When I set my calorie dial to the fat-cutting sweet spot, I know I’ll be able to drop my body fat percent.  When I set the calorie dial to maintenance, I know I’ll eat just the right amount of food to maintain by body composition. And when I set my dial to the muscle-building sweet spot, I have the fuel for exercise and for stronger muscles. 

I can’t say enough about how much I love Fittur. It’s simple. Easy to use. And straightforward like, for example, the home page food tracker. I can swipe food onto the tracker in seconds and see how it effects my macro targets. I can even swipe foods from previous days and they get added to today. That feature alone makes my food tracking a super custom experience. 

With a newborn infant in the house, I use Fittur’s breastfeeding macro tool. I never have to worry about over or under eating. I get scientifically calculated nutrients for my health and the health of my baby, and just the right amount of calories to fuel my day.

Fittur helps me make informed food choices. I tap a food. The app shows me the macronutrient profile. Then I decide to eat it, resize it, or pass on it and find something that fits my targets better. 

I really like how Fittur helps me avoid addictive, low-fiber foods. And it shows me how to make room for my favorite calorie dense food. Nuts.

Exercise is the smartest thing in the app. It calculates just the right macros to fuel my exercise while, at the same time, keeping me burning body fat. Fittur is like the rocket science of fitness apps. With the exercise tool I eat smart and “workout smart”.

The recipe section may be the thing I love most. It makes tweaking recipes to fit my macros simple. It’s super intuitive and works the same as the home page food tracker. I can swipe a food from pantry, scanner or search and the food gets added to the recipe ingredient list. While I’m busy adding ingredients, Fittur shows me how many macros are in each serving.

Even my kids are eating better because I can see, in real time, what’s in the food I serve them, and how much is the right amount. 

With Fittur I juggle the demands of caring for a young family with my health and fitness needs.

Fittur has made my whole family healthy.