Meet Marilyn

Beautician, Hair Stylist

"Fittur has changed my life."

I was a 55 year old hair stylist in need of a body transformation. I hid it well, but I was obese. That’s a feature you can’t cut out with a pair styling scissors. My husband was obese. He needed something that would let him eat the foods he loved, but somehow get rid of body fat. That was a tall order.

I started researching diets. I read books on nutrition. Got advice from medical professionals. Gleaned the internet for practical recommendations for making a diet—any diet—work.

When I downloaded My Fitness Pal to start tracking macros, my husband jumped ship. It was okay for me to prep foods to fit my macros, but he wasn’t going there. He thought I was crazy. I thought he was missing the boat. He thought I was wasting my time. I thought he should give it one last shot.

After an eat-by-myself year of measuring carbs, protein, and fat, the results were just okay. I dropped about three percent body fat and lost ten pounds.

It wasn’t until I found FITTUR, that my fat loss kicked into high gear. I trust the FITTUR calculated macro targets because they work. They’re more customized and more accurate than other nutrition apps I’ve tried. The targets change as my body changes. And they’re calibrated to the fluctuations in my exercise routines.

The results speak for themselves. I’ve dropped over 18% body fat. That’s about 45 pounds of me. Gone. Every time I reached the point where it couldn’t get better, it got better. FITTUR showed me I can resurrect fitness goals relegated to  the dust bin of history—the ones that take me all the way back to my high school dress size and body fat percent. 


One of the big surprises was reverse dieting. After losing all that body fat on a calorie restriction, I increased my calories by 2% everyday until I got back to maintenance. I didn’t gain back the pounds or the inches. I kept cutting fat for five additional weeks while eating more. It was super easy using Fittur’s calorie dial. What a gift. Fittur did what I couldn’t do—convince my husband to track what he eats. Before Fittur, we never ate the same meals.  55 pounds later, my husband is a Fittur regular

He’s dropped from over 30% body fat to 10%. We cook one meal for both of us. We eat what we love. We use Fittur’s share feature to share tracked foods between our phones. We’re lean, strong, and healthier than we’ve ever been.

My adult children are using Fittur now. They saw what it did for us and they were sold.

Fittur has changed my life.