Meet Malakai

Boat Mechanic

"I weighed over 300 pounds. With Fittur I cut to 6% body fat."

Come and eat. That’s the first thing I hear whenever I enter the house of family or friends in the Polynesian culture. I’m a happy, upbeat, food-loving poly for sure. If I’m having a great day, food is a celebration. If its a bad day, food is the place I hide from what’s not right in my world.

I knew nothing about nutrition. Didn’t know that eating too many calories—even for a big guy like me—could turn me into a morbidly obese kid. I figured working out was how you got rid of body fat. When that didn’t work I decided I was stuck in a fat poly bod for life and I kept eating. And I kept getting fatter.

Whenever there’s a poly gathering you can count on lots of food, lots of sweets, and lots of love. When I blew through 300 pounds on my way higher, it wasn’t the love that could change my body composition, it was the food. I just didn’t know it. 

I didn’t know what a carb was. A protein. Or a fat. Tracking food was how I caught the pig to roast. Fat-cutting was how I carved up the best cuts of pork after it was roasted.

That all changed when I found Fittur.  The app became my nutritionist. I call the app my Food Tracking Brain. The app is super versatile. All I do is log my food with a couple of swipes and let Fittur do the rest. It monitors my body fat. Calculates my targets. Keeps me on track to cut the excess body fat. 

It doesn’t matter if I’m cutting body fat, building muscle, or maintaining my body composition, Fittur calculates the right targets for me.

Fittur works. I’ve gone from 330 pounds down to 206 pounds. From almost 50% body fat, to 6% body fat. That’s nearly half my body. Gone. Thanks to Fittur.

I don’t stress when I go to poly gatherings anymore. I just swipe my food. Its so fast, no one even knows I’m keeping track of what I eat.

When I was overweight all I wanted was a magic pill. There’s no such thing—but there is a magic app called Fittur. You still have to do the work to get the results, but Fittur does the thinking for you. 

I’m so grateful for Fittur. It’s my true fitness partner.