Meet James

Commercial Real Estate Agent

"I don't wonder how to get rid of excess body fat anymore. I've got Fittur."

I was a multi-sport, calorie burning high school athlete. All the benefits of a lean, fit body that came with training were mine. I figured it was automatic. You do the sports. You get the fit body. 

On top of being active, I thought I understood the science of nutrition. Mostly, I just kept up on the latest supplements and got plenty of protein.

When the fat gains started, I blamed it on too much time in the office. I upped my exercise and added some mountain biking. I even got home weight lifting equipment for more exercise, but nothing seemed to work.

It got so bad I became a member of the clinically obese club. I hid it under a nice dress shirt and a pair of pants, but I knew I needed to find a solution.

Fittur finally nailed the reason I was gaining so much fat. Cheese. It had protein and I needed that for overnight recovery. What I didn’t need were five slices at bedtime. I was shocked to find out the hundreds of extra calories I was downing.

Fittur helped me balance my diet and the results have been phenomenal. 

I’m getting all the health benefits that come with no longer being obese. I’ve dropped more than twelve percent body fat. Even my mother-in-law noticed enough to start using Fittur. 

Fittur has inspired me to take my body composition journey further than I thought possible. I’m headed toward 10% body fat. Once I get there, Fittur helps me cycle up and down between 10% and 15% body fat for the rest of my life. That’s a huge change for someone who thought being stuck between 20% and 25% percent body fat was as good as it would ever get.

I don’t wonder how to get rid of excess body fat anymore. I’ve got Fittur.