Greek Yogurt & Cottage Cheese Dessert

*Note: The recipes we share are designed to help you  find ways to tweak your own by suggesting simple, alternative ingredients and easy food prep to make what you already love fit your macro targets.

1/2 cup

64 calories, 5g carbs, 11g protein, 0g fat, 0g fiber

If you’re looking for an ice cream alternative this one gives you lots more protein without the fat. Instead of the calorie dense heavy cream and refined sugars in ice cream, use yogurt, cottage cheese and some stevia as an alternative dairy dessert.

There’s only three ingredients. Prep time is less than five minutes. Top it with strawberries, blueberries, or any topping that helps you hit your targets. This recipe makes a large bowl you can store in the fridge for whenever the sweet tooth strikes. Its one of the Fittur Food Team’s favorites.

Three Ingredients

#1 Greek Yogurt

(one 48 oz container)

We like the Kirkland brand the best. It’s one of the richest, creamiest greek yogurts we’ve found. 

#2 Cottage Cheese

(one 6 cup container)

We like the Darigold brand. The curd is just the right size for great texture.

#3 Pure Stevia Powder

(1/2 teaspoon)

Any pure stevia in powder form works. A tiny smidgen goes a long ways. Start with 1/2  teaspoon. Sweeten to taste.


Combine the three ingredients until completely integrated. Keep refrigerated. Top with your favorite berries or nuts.