Meet Diane

Runner, Triathlete, Grandmother of Twelve

"I started to see results immediately."

I thought I was healthy. For a sixty year old grandmother I’m in the very active category. I’ve run thirteen marathons, and nearly every year I compete in a half marathon, a cross country relay race, and a triathlon.

Most diets last a few months. I’ve been on a fairly strict one since I was thirteen years old. I avoided unhealthy carbs like white flour, white bread, and white rice. Fatty-foods like cheese, burgers, and cream sauces were out too. Its been so long since I tried a protein drink, I’ve forgotten why I included that on my naughty list

There was only one problem. My nutrition wasn’t balanced. The more I trained, the more fat I gained.  And then there were the constant stomach problems. I lived so long without the right balance of calories, carbs, protein, fat and fiber that I ended up with lots of intestinal bloating, discomfort, and pain.

When I finally found Fittur, I’d been in diet mode for nearly forty five years. I was shocked to find out that I could eat more, run less, cut fat, and lose the pounds I’d been fighting all my life.

Fittur showed me how my diet restrictions were depriving me of essential carbs to fuel my training.


Fittur gave me the protein target I needed for recovery from training and competition and to also build healthy muscle, skin, hair and organ tissue. Thanks to Fittur, my naughty list is shrinking. I even down protein drinks. 

Fittur helped me make healthy food choices by selecting fiber-rich whole foods instead of processed, vitamin-deficient foods.

Best of all, I started getting enough dietary fat for healthy hormone production. Who knew that hormones would give me a healthy appetite, turn on muscle toning cycles, and shift my body into tissue repair mode?

Thanks to recommendations from Fittur, I added weight lifting to my cardio exercise. That one change alone accelerated my fat loss. 

I started to see results immediately. I felt much better. The stomach bloating, cramping, and discomfort disappeared. My posture improved. Instead of a frumpy, grandmother appearance, I started looking lean, toned, and fit again. It was like turning the clock back a few decades. 

My family were a huge support. They gave me encouragement to make Fittur part of a very happy, very fulfilled life.

Thanks Fittur!