Meet Anita

Type I Diabetic, Grandmother

"I never want to go back to diabetic life without Fittur."

I’m a sixty year old grandma with type I diabetes. Managing my blood sugar has been a constant battle. The highs. The lows. Not to mention carb counting. 

It was a lot with my busy schedule. 

I knew cutting body fat could help, but it all seemed so overwhelming. Was it even possible at my age

Then I got Fittur. The app figures out my daily calorie target, then breaks those calories down into the carbs, protein and dietary fat that help me cut body fat and manage blood sugar.

It was easy to change my daily carb target to fit my diabetes doctor’s insulin prescription. Fittur has this Change Targets tool. It lets me adjust the percent of carbs I eat. I just swap the extra calories left from my carb target over to my fat target. Now I have enough insulin to cover my carbs. And I get to eat a little extra cheese or peanut butter. Fittur made it easy to follow my Doctor’s advice. 

Fittur makes boulising insulin a snap. I turn on the diabetes option and Fittur figures out the net carbs for every food and meal.

Fittur evenly spaces out my carbs throughout the day. If you’re a type I or type II diabetic or even a pre-diabetic, you know what a game changer that is. 

Fittur works. My A1c dropped 0.7 at my last doctors visit. I’m seeing steady fat loss too.

I never want to go back to diabetic life without Fittur. I plan on enjoying my grandkids for a very long time.