Meet Angela

Accountant, Mother of Five

"The first week of Fittur is like this huge diet analysis."

I’m one of the lucky ones. No big weight gains after high school. Same with college. Even after five kids, I got a free pass and never really struggled. 

Then I started noticing the “shift”. I wasn’t gaining weight, but my body composition was shifting from lean and toned to skinny fat. More and more muscle was slowly fading away. Worse than that, small amounts of fat were filling in the places previously occupied by muscle. Nothing too noticeable, but I wanted my lean, toned body back

I tried what I thought would work. Some weight lifting. Some mountain biking for cardio. Nothing helped. I figured it was a lost cause and I chalked up my failure to age.  That’s what happens when you get older, right? If you’re middle aged like me, maybe you’ve had the same thoughts. 

Despite my daily cardio workouts and weight lifting, I couldn’t get that toned look back in my arms, shoulders, hips and thighs. It wasn’t until I started using Fittur I discovered the solution. More protein. That’s all it was.


Since starting with Fittur I’ve discovered I need the right amount of protein to not only tone muscle, but also to protect from muscle loss when I’m trying to cut fat. Fittur showed me that I need protein for healthy hair, nails, skin and just about every other organ in my body.

The first week of Fittur is like this huge diet analysis. At the end of each day I get to see the totals. I was supposed to eat about 120 grams of protein. There were days when I ate less than ten. I had no  clue I was doing that bad

Fittur isn’t a chore. It’s fun. Almost like a game to see if I can balance my eating to hit my macro targets. My progress is evident. I’m getting my lean, toned body back. And I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. My kids are even starting to evaluate their food choices and eat healthier.

What a blessing! Thank you Fittur.