Meet Andrea

Fitness Trainer, Mother of Five

"Fittur showed me my "healthy diet" was unbalanced."

I gave birth to our 5th child about two years ago. I taught fitness classes up until the day I delivered. With my fitness and nutrition experience it was easy to get back into eating right and kick-start my fat cutting with an aggressive schedule of weight lifting and cardio 6 days a week. 

After months of hard work, I had no fat loss to show for my efforts. No pre-baby body.

I found Fittur not long afterwards, and was shocked to find out I was eating too little. The app showed me that I was under fueling my body

Instead of eating 20% to 30% fewer calories than I burned in exercise—what Fittur calculates as my ideal sweet spot for cutting fat—I was eating 40% to 60% fewer calories. My passion for cutting fat was putting my body into hibernation mode—like some bear storing up fat for winter.  

On top of eating too little, Fittur showed me that my diet was unbalanced. For nine years before I got FITTUR I’d been eating the wrong amount of carbs, protein, fat and fiber. No wonder fitness gains were so difficult to achieve and maintain.

I’ve tried lots of customized macro counting programs, but none of them gave me the results I see with Fittur.  This app has opened my eyes to the importance of balanced eating. 

Fittur was something of a  lifestyle change—a change I’m looking forward to continuing for years to come