Meet Aaron

Nurse Anesthetist

"Fittur helped me fix everything."

I started a regular weight lifting program about four years ago. Building muscle was my main goal and I was pretty consistent logging in five sessions per week. My nutrition was two protein shakes a day. I figured the increase in amino acids would do the trick. I even convinced myself I was gaining some muscle. When I finally came to myself I had to admit that a lot of those gains were actually body fat gains. Not muscle.

Fittur helped me identify the problem. Too many calories and all the wrong macros for fueling my workouts and supporting muscle building.

Fittur didn’t just tell me how many calories, carbs, protein, fat and fiber to eat. The app showed me in real time my balanced eating. Or I should probably say—my imbalanced eating. Nutritionally, I was no where near eating the right amount of building blocks or the right fuel to develop the lean, muscular body composition I was looking for. 

Fittur helped me fix everything. Including eating more fiber. Now I know that when I hit my fiber target I’m choosing healthier whole foods with lots of vitamins and minerals, instead of highly processed foods. Its easier to avoid the low fiber foods that spike my blood sugar and cause food addictions. I use the fiber target everyday to double check the quality of my food choices.

I’ve been using Fittur for over a year now. I eat the foods I enjoy in just the right portion sizes to achieve my goals. And it works. I’m finally gaining muscle like never before.

I work in the medical profession so I’m pretty comfortable with the latest in nutrition, exercise, and body composition. I’ve explored enough of the nutrition app world to know that Fittur is not a cookie cutter app. Fittur is even helping me help my Type I diabetic 13 year old son, Karston. It’s hard to be young and diabetic. Whenever Karston needs help with carbs, I use Fittur to help me coach him. 

Fittur coach teaches me what works and advises me on how to tailor the app to get the body composition I’m looking for. I get just the right increase in calories, carbs, fat and fiber to fuel my workouts without sacrificing my fat burning calorie deficit. Or I can get the right calorie overload from exercise when I’m in a muscle building cycle. Its really easy to adjust the calorie dial up or down to the percentage of macros that works for me and my body type. My macro targets even adjust to the intensity of each workout. Typical cookie cutter nutrition apps don’t do any of that

Fittur also helped me discover how real life, body composition transformation happens. It isn’t a one month diet or a two month training program. Lean body composition  transformation is a process over many months and even years. With Fittur I’m always moving in the right direction. 

The long term results are unbelievable. I never thought I could get the lean, muscular look I’ve achieved so far.

Thanks Fittur! I’ll be using you for the rest of my life.